ARAD_Cultural Mapping


Primavera design is expanding its field of activity by approaching Cultural Management projects. Such was the case of the Cultural Mapping Project in Arad. The mapping procedure refers to a systematic approach to identifying, recording and classifying a community's cultural resources and visualize them. In Arad, this first project built a database that identified 696 cultural items (public organizations, spaces for culture, natural and built heritage, individual artist,NGOs, events, local customs, etc.) and it resulted into a 360 pages document that will set the basis the development of the future Cultural Strategy in Arad.

The written document can be read on-line, following the link on the Arad Municipality website:

Moreover, this cultural consultancy document has been strongly advertised in the local media in Arad. There are listed below a number of such examples:

Studiu de Prefezabilitate privind Dezvoltarea Zonei Turistice Semenic



Primavera Design a realizat in perioada martie - aprilie 2014 un Studiu de Prefezabilitate privind dezvoltarea zonei turistice Semenic. In cadrul acestuia s-a propus crearea unei zone "all season" prin realizarea urmatoarelor investitii: domeniu schiabil, centru de agrement si sport nautic, parc acvatic, centru hipic, centru de spectacole in aer liber si un sat de vacanta.

Proiectul a fost supus dezbaterii publice de catre Consiliu Judetean Caras-Severin in data de 8 mai 2014 iar primele reactii din presa pot fi vizualizate pe urmatoarele link-uri:

Express de Banat: "Semenicul infloreste prin noi proiecte inedite. Vezi ce planuri au autoritatile judetene pentru transformarea zonei intr-o perla a turismului"



Radio România Reşiţa: "Semenic – stațiunea care nu moare, ci se transforma!"



Radio România Reşiţa: "Dezvoltarea zonei turistice Semenic"



Carasonline: "Semenicul, magnet pentru turisti tot anul"



Portalul National de Administratie Publica: "Consiliul Județean Caraş-Severin a prezentat un proiect privind dezvoltarea zonei turistice Semenic"


Strategii de dezvoltare durabila pentru turismul montan



Consiliul Judetean Bistrita-Nasaud a intocmit trei strategii de dezvoltare pentru statiuni montane "all season" pentru Valea Bragaului, Valea Somesului si Valea Salautei. Prezentarea publica pentru acestea a avut loc in 9 decembrie 2013 si a avut efect pozitiv, fapt care a dus la publicarea in presa, prin mijloace media digitale cat si tiparite. Mai jos sunt link-uri care fac trimitere la diferite articole:

"Rasunetul - Cotidianul bistritenilor de oriunde" -

"Transilvania Business" -

"Bistriteanul - afla primul" -

"adevarul" -

"" -

Ski Area Projects



Our office is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout the world, most of our latest projects onsisting of mountain resorts. Primavera Design's architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of the environment, life conditions and different possible future development such as economical, social and urban evolutions. Architecture is influenced by the people and is created for the people, therefore our approach is inspired from the multitude of cultures, nationalities and traditions around the globe so that we always provide the maximum amount of comfort and accessibility to the visitors. With these arguments in mind, we have created mountain resorts connected through ropeways transportation.

In our projects we approach the space from the human point of view and we think of new possible ways of space and landscape exploration. We try to offer new perspectives and the accesibility of the vertical plain to everyone through the ropeway transportation system. Due to the height of wich this transportation occurs, the visitors have a moving panoramic view and we can create small architecture settlement that will stimulate the senses.

The new constructions are meant to blend in and at the same time to dazzle the viewer. In our concepts we take in consideration different scenarios for building integration according to terrain, climate, form, shape, size, illumination and the society needs from the economical and social point of view. We try to create a unique buildings that will suit the region and will attract a large number of visitors regardless of their culture or social status.

We have the freedom and knolege to chose any direction with our architecture and with the way we inffluence our planet, so we are sure that will always find the best solutions together with our costumers.

Primavera Design's Ski Area Projects view presentation in pdf. format small size at the link bellow:

Primavera Design's Ski Area Projects view presentation in pdf. format large size at the link bellow:

Largest urban ropeway on Eurasian continent in Ankara from 2014




LEITNER to implement new comfortable transport connection in Turkish capital


This alternative is sure to appeal even to passionate motorists.  Instead of waiting in traffic jams, the residents of Ankara can soon just hop onto a gondola ropeway.  The new detachable 10-passenger gondola ropeway from LEITNER ropeways will connect the neighborhood of Şentepe to the city center via a total of four stations from 2014.  It shows how innovative and architecturally ambitious ropeways can revolutionize urban traffic.Modern design and extraordinary architecture will make the stations a visual highlight. This will be the responsibility of LEITNER Partner Primavera Design.Read more..